Tag Triples

TagTriples is a structured metadata format, similar to RDF, but intended to be simpler to understand and generate.

Tagtriples metadata consists of 'statements', each containing 3 words (or 'symbols') - a 'subject', a 'property' and an 'object'.

Here's some tagtriples statements (1 per line):

PhilDawes type Person
PhilDawes name "Phil Dawes"
PhilDawes hairColour Brown
PhilDawes plays FrenchHorn

BicycleRepairMan type OpenSourceProject
BicycleRepairMan type RefactoringBrowser
BicycleRepairMan description "Python Refactoring Browser"
BicycleRepairMan maintainer PhilDawes
BicycleRepairMan homepage "http://bicyclerepair.sf.net"

FrenchHorn type BrassInstrument
Symbols containing spaces must be enclosed in quotes. More info

The tagtriples sourceforge site contains a web based tagtriples store designed for aggregating, browsing and querying tagtriples data.
A demo of this software currently runs here.

Phil Dawes.